Quality Assurance


1. Assign job number.
2. Preliminary Inspection / Evaluation
If possible, all pumps are checked for rotation and performance. Motors are also checked for correct amperage and noise. Line cords and switches are examined. All results are then recorded.
Please note:
In many cases, pumps do not require overhauls. Our philosophy and mission is to treat our customers properly and to maintain our business ethics. This means "if it's not broken, don't fix it"! Somestimes all that is needed is a seal replacement, flushing and/or minor cleaning. NOT necessarily a complete "tear down"
3. On request, photos can be taken and emailed to the customer for inspection.
 Note: Our doors are always open, and we invite our customers to visit the shop.

4. Disassembly.
Nandor completely disassembles each pump. This includes not just the pump, but the removal of all guards, motors, pulleys and bases. Every bolt and screw is removed for cleaning. The complete unit / package is serviced. On units which are only serviced, we also address these items!

5. Cleaning.
We do not use sandblasting! Sandblasting creates tremendous heat and is very abrasive. It can easily damage parts and is difficult to clean hard to reach areas. Nandor's wet-blasting process, even with various types of media, we are able to remove all deposits, contaminants and paint without damaging any of the surfaces. Even blind holes are thoroughly cleaned! All pump parts including bases, guards, pulleys etc. are cleaned and stripped using our cleaning technologies. Motors are also cleaned and preped for paint (if required).
6. Internal inspection
All parts are visually inspected for damage and tolerances.
7. Quote generated and customer contacted for approval.
8. Prep for assembly (deburred & painted).
Prior to assembly (on direct drive pumps) the housings, bases, motors are painted. On belt drive pumps, the bases, guards and pulleys are painted. It is more time consuming, however, a "like new" appearance is obtained. There is no oil whatsoever on the finished product. It is extremely difficult to find a service facility that will go to these lengths to ensure your pump not only works as it should, but looks as it should!
9. Assembly.
We meticulously check for any protrusions and ensure ease of rotation throughout the assembly process. This eliminates many unseen problems and premature failures.
10. Testing.
Nandor tests the pumps for a minimum of 24 hours. Most are tested for 48 hrs. Pump pressures, temperatures and noise are checked and logged. The pumps receive multiple oil changes (2-3). We only use first generation oil in each of the changes! This further ensures optimal performance and longevity.
11. Pump wrapped for delivery & shipping.
After final testing and inspection, the pump is then tagged and clear wrapped. By doing this our customer knows which pumps are ready for service, and protects them from outside exposures. When a pump is delivered, it goes back to the customer with a FULL CHARGE of appropriate fluid! Should the pump be shipped, it will be forwarded without fluid.



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